My dad worked as photographer and first put a box brownie in my hands at the age of about 7. I still have it, and occasionally take it off the shelf to open it and breath in its glorious scent of vintage nostalgia.

I’ve evolved and in some respects I don’t think I’ll ever stop. I’m happier now more than I’ve ever been, to make more effort in my work, to better myself and add greater value to my photography. I’m here to stay and in order to do that it means dedicating myself to my clients and to be at the top of my game.

Outside of taking pictures, Barney and Holly the Jack Russell’s give me daily exercise, Helen my partner keeps me balanced and happy; and lastly our son Rupert keeps my wits in order.

I love music, I think my favourite artist is Jamie Cullum but you might just catch me listening to ACDC, Blondie or a mix from Pete Tong. I love films (when I can find the time), mostly things with a little tension, Christopher Nolan films are usually a winner or something from Ridley Scott. I’ll put up with a rom com and usually I cry at the soppy bits more than Helen. Shelock with Beneditct Cumberbatch is a must, but I’ll roll with a dose of Emerdale.

I’m a bit of a petrol head, I’ve owned a VW Beetle (one that was subsequently driven by James May!), a Golf GTI and a Porsche 944. It is my wish that one day I will own a new Morgan plus 8 and tour the Alps with it… Not sure how that will work with two Jack Russell’s and Rupert!