Sally & Ian

Shiningford Manor Wedding at Carsington Water

Farm Style Wedding Photography

‘The video is absolutely wonderful… we are so delighted with them… Love the blog!!!’

The Triumph Stag; not the most reliable forms of transport even when it was factory new, but one that’s nearly 40 years old? The British weather cannot be relied upon at the best of times either, but much like the Stag, when it works it’s oh so very lovely! This wedding was about taking a few risks, but Sally and Ian got lucky. Despite having a little tantrum a few days before, the partnership of Stag and weather fused to give joy and pleasure to both them, their family, and their friends.

Shiningford Manor is in quite the most delightful location. Nestled amongst the trees surrounding Carsington Water, it’s a self catering holiday accommodation that sleeps up to 34. It has a swimming pool and several hot tubs to keep all those lovely guests happy and entertained. What it also has is a couple of decent size fields, that will allow a big tent to be put up, and play host to an awesome wedding party!

Sally and Ian actually did their officials the Thursday before their celebration day on the Saturday in Mid September. It’s a nice workaround to get the type of day you want with the current law that dictates that we cant have weddings anywhere we like. Having said all this though it might just have been a normal wedding service apart from some great words and an amazing bit of singing talent from one of Ian’s brothers.

Topping off an amazing day with some brilliant people means having an ace band, and that is exactly what they got. Have no doubt that the Gypsies of Bohemia will rock a party like few others, and hands down this was the best party I’ve seen this year. Give it up for Sally and Ian and their Shiningford Manor wedding…

About Shiningford Manor

Although it’s not a ‘traditional’ wedding venue, the self-catering properties around Shiningford Manor allow for a truly bespoke day.

Guests can take advantage of the pool and hot tubs in the gorgeous Grade II listed Manor building, which backs onto the stunning Carsington Water.

There is a huge space for you to do whatever you want for your wedding, from tent and tipi weddings to whatever else you can think of.

In terms of photography, the scenery at Shiningford Manor is absolutely stunning and has plenty of opportunities for some great wedding photos.

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