When the virus came – a photo diary 31.03.2020


Thew worry of missing the Giraffe loomed as we prepared to wake Rupert this morning. We tried to bring him around to the idea the Jiffy was playing hide and seek. At this point Rupert jumped out of bed and announce that said animal was hiding in a cupboard and less than a minute later he was repatriated. I’ve a whole selection of inappropriate words I could use at this point.

We made bread! Prompted by Helen yesterday Rupert and I set to in the Kitchen and made a soda bread loaf. I can’t describe it as my proudest piece of culinary achievements but Rupert was more than happy with the end result and topped up his evening meal with a couple of slices with butter. Personally I’m looking forward to a couple of boiled eggs and some toast with it in the morning!

Apart from the baking exercise Rupert asked to get his selection of snake toys out. It seems like most of the day has been a snake themed series of adventures and the lounge floor at one point resembled that scene from Raiders of The Lost Ark. We went to Allestree Recreation Ground and even there, there was a threat of snakes in the wooded areas. Rupert chased Barney down a big hill and Holly and I did our best to keep up. We laughed in the joy of freedom and when I said it was time to get going I had to give in to a bit more when I saw pleading eyes. A promise of watching Sahara (a snake animation film available on Netflix great for younger kids) got us headed home again.

So there it is, another day marked up (sort of). Goodnight world.

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