A New Logo

After some considerable success with my last web page incarnation I felt it didn’t truly reflect my style. Recently I have invested quite heavily in new equipment to achieve a more contemporary feel to my images. Part of having a new page meant considering a new logo, something that was personal to me and instantly recognisable as mine. Taking a cue from Helen my partner I started looking for a Jack Russell image. In case you don’t know already we have two Jack Russell dogs “Barney” and “Holly” who I often refer to as Pickle and Pork Pie. Barney gets the tag Pickle as he is often in one and Holly just has a propensity to over indulge! During the working week much of my time is spent at home editing pictures and dealing with admin. Barney and Holly get regular walks with me, they are both loved to an almost sickening level, and it is that closeness that made me decide the fabric of the logo could be based on them.

The new logo character was born out of an image of Barney, albeit with a few minor modifications and some artistic license. Something simple, visual and instantly recognisable as Benjamin Pollard, his name is Pixel a bit of a play on Pickle and his digital makeup.

Barney Dog
Holly Dog

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