Equus and Wedding Albums

About 18 years ago I picked up the latest copy of Professional Photographer Magazine and I was literally mesmerised by a picture of a Cobra (an Egyptian King Cobra to be precise). I read the article on the photographer who recounted the tale of his endeavours to capture the picture and who had in fact been bitten in his efforts and had to be rushed into the local hospital for a shot of anti venom.

The photographer Tim Flach is well known for his interests in photographing wild animals. He’s is an amazingly talented artist and highly accomplished in his field. He has photographed a Jaguar up close in his London studio, rare species of frog, cheetahs and all manner of other exotics. About 3 and a half years I was on my usual birthday gift dilemma for my father. He’s always been a challenge to find something for unless you have pots of money, but as a bit of a gamble I tried the shelves of the local Waterstones photography section. It was there that I found the absolute gem that is Equus (link here to limited edition version). Equus is a body of work that is packed from cover to cover with some of the most inspiring pictures of horses that you are ever likely to see. Delighted to find such a gem I was pleased with my fathers obvious joy when he took off the wrapper for his 65th birthday present. He is a photographer who has spent much of his life around horses due to my mothers previous concerns of running a horse riding school.

The title of this post is Equus and albums and so far I’ve written all about Tim Flach, but the link is in the book. Whilst many of the amazing pictures can be found on the internet; there is a sense of tactility in the book that cannot be achieved by looking at the images in any other way. It’s about presentation, the weight of the publication in your lap whilst you turn the pages, feeling the paper between your fingers. There is also a narrative from the way the artist has chosen to arrange the pictures in the design of the pages. Some pictures in the book fill the whole two pages and in some cases many are on one page. A collection of images are brought together in places to create a series where singularly the images would have little impact. The covers are heavy and they almost beg you to stroke them.

I have a selection of wedding albums which I take along to consultations with potential wedding clients. They too are heavy. One of them has the couples names embossed on the front the bumps under you fingers when you handle it. They are printed high quality photographic paper and bonded onto thick board. They have a narrative following the day of the wedding, and whilst they have been handled many times they still look stunning. Just like Equus they beg you to touch, feel, stroke and turn the pages. Whilst they are not cheap and many couples may not be able to afford them immeadiately after the expense of a wedding. A personally crafted album is no better way to appreciate the efforts that we photographers go through. They truly are a time capsule and something to look back on, not just for yourselves as a couple, but for the generations that follow.

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