A Grand Affair at Hassop Hall

On our first meeting, Beth, Ben and I had conversations about my previous work at some of the Michelin starred restaurants that they had previously dined at including The Waterside Inn at Bray which is famously run by the Roux family. Ben apparently even took Beth on a surprise re-visit the night after their wedding before their fantastic three week honeymoon in the Far East. Lucky lady; I should know having been there and seen what happens in the fabulous kitchens. You can see some of that work in my commercial photography website Red Pepper Pictures.

Getting back to Beth and Ben’s photography; we had an evening at our local park for their pre wedding shoot. Starting out in a secluded spot with a picnic basket and some Champagne in the setting sun, it was a great opportunity to get to know them better. Having explored various locations with their theme in mind, Ben suddenly turned and asked if we could go to the Mill area across the river. Suddenly the shoot took on a new dimension. Local band ‘Three Minute Heist’ were creating a video as we rounded a corner so we were shooting them as they were shooting us with metal gates, brickwork and corrugated metal backdrops. It was fantastic, artistic collaboration which created more exciting and vibrant images. It really was a great evening and it was a pleasure to work with them both.

Ive been to Hassop Hall twice before but for one reason or another was not aware of a ballroom function space adjacent to the main Hall. It is exquisite. A fantastic stone stair well climbs though vaulted ceilings and ascends into richly decorated interiors and the main ballroom itself truly is something to behold. Beth had her bridesmaids taking care of final preparations on the morning of her wedding all wearing matching matching pyjamas that she had provided. She was preparing in a grand room overlooking cows grazing on the pasture below in the rain. And she became even more fabulous than she looked before she had started to get ready. The rain however decided not to stop, at all…

Being forced to stay inside all day (it really was that wet) gave me something I had not yet dealt with all this year almost my entire shoot indoors working with available light in the darkest venue I’ve ever worked in. Confetti wasn’t an option at Church, so I later suggested we throw it after the fist dance, I’m pleased to say it worked it’s on the last of pictures on their gallery. I don’t take over on a wedding shoot but sometimes I’ll make suggestions and as it was such a wet day as soon as the service was through I proposed heading straight for the car and going to Hassop. The wedding car, a fabulous vintage Rolls Royce with colour to match the bridesmaids dresses whisked them away. I arrived just behind them, grabbing 2 minutes to do some pictures in the grand stone entrance before family and friends arrived.

It would be fair to say that this was not a cheap wedding, Beth and Ben have worked hard, saved hard and made something very very special, with taste, class and elegance. Their wedding may not have been a modern whimsical or vintage affair but their day was their own design and it was definitely grand. Hassop truly is a place for a grand traditional wedding, and I would definitely love to be a part of another great day there. A collection of their days photographs can be seen here.

Wedding Photography Taking Place at Hallop Hall

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