When the virus came – a photo diary 22.03.2020



For some considerable time I’ve wanted to create a journal of our son Rupert growing up. The awe inspiring blog of Erika and Lanny Mann with their two children on various global adventures as long been an inspiration for me. And now, with a calendar that has been emptied of weddings for a few weeks/months, I’ve finally found some energy/time to put something out there. But where to start? In early 2016 I made what has been for me one of the best camera purchases the compact 3/4 frame mirrorless sony A6300 with one lens a 24mm 1.8 Carl Ziess. Everything you’ll see in this has been photographed using that camera setup, it’s small and light enough to have clipped onto a belt, a combination thats manageable even when I’m faced with the challenges of managing Rupert and our two terriers Holly and Barney.

I’ll be honest. When it was announced that schools were to close I could see a host of positives and getting out with Rupert was amongst my first thoughts. I considered the idea of taking him camping when the nights become a little warmer. But the news seems to paint a seemingly darker picture on an almost hourly basis. This story starts at a short holiday in Wales where we watched an uncertain future become all too quickly a rather frightening place. Amidst the chaos of empty supermarket shelves we snatched what may be the last decent days of freedom and good health for some time.

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