Off Camera Flash

I’m growing. I don’t mean I’m getting any taller but I’m pushing myself, stretching my boundaries. There are plenty of other photographers out there so there needs to be a good reason for spending money on a professional photographer. There are plenty of competitors able to go out and buy a camera and lens at less than £1000 and call themselves a photographer so as professionals we need to be able to go a step further.

For several years I’ve owned portable high power flash kit but its heavy and hard work to use it. One of my more recent acquisitions has been some radio transmitters that allow use of the heavier kit in conjunction with lighter camera flash units such as you’ll typically see on the hot shoe on most cameras. It means that by combining two flash units a better style of lighting can be achieved, lighting that is more flattering and more interesting. Many photographers refer to this as off camera flash. I call it staying ahead and getting braver.

More pictures from Julia & Dave’s Engagement Shoot can be found here.

Juila and Daves Derbyshire Engagement Shoot

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