Louise & Scott

Carriage Hall Wedding Photography

Carriage Hall Wedding Photography

As the year draws down on Christmas, less people think about weddings and more about spending time with family and friends. However a wedding obviously brings together family and friends, so why not have a wedding close to Christmas. The answer usually is because most couples want their day to be sunny and warm, with drinks and canapés on a lawn, and the sound of children running around giggling with a jazz band playing in the background. Truth is though there’s never going to be a guarantee that this will all go to plan with unreliable British weather! Typically most couples also want to keep the moment that they see each other on their wedding day to the point that they are just about to say ‘I do’. So here’s a wedding that breaks down lots of stereotypes.

Louise and Scott had their wedding at Carriage Hall in Nottinghamshire in early December, and due to their wedding not taking place until 3pm they elected (after my suggestion) to have a ‘reveal’ a little before. It’s only the second time I’ve done this, but when the daylight disappears at around 4pm, it’s a worthwhile consideration for some quality time together, and to be able to compliment one another before all the guests become involved. Another small difference to this wedding is that Louise and Scott elected to keep the first half of their day to those absolutely closest to them, this gives the declarations a greater degree of sensitivity and meaning. After 7pm though this became a party with plenty of laughter and lots of fun with a casino table, and some great songs from The Burgundys.

  • Great wedding. So many awesome moments

  • Love everything about this wedding and favourite shots are from the evening party. So much fun. Fantastic day and excellent editing too.

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