Chris & Greg

Gay Wedding Photography in Derbyshire

Gay Wedding Photography Derbyshire

“we love them 🙂… Thank you! You’ve got another set of very happy customers”

My third visit to The Whitworth Centre, but my first gay wedding shoot. As firsts go this was a great way to start, these two were just fantastic. Snatching what late October could could give us; the day go going with a trundle through the lanes with Steven from Vintage Adventure Tours. Using a blanket to keep the cold away, we stopped a couple of times for pictures, and the autumn falling leaves gave colour where the sunshine couldn’t break through the fog. Arriving at the venue, a bevy of good friends and family were ready to greet my two husbands to be and celebrate their love for each other.

Chris and Greg had waited until they could marry rather than become civil partners, and after a relaxed and enjoyable ceremony, a little weak watery sunshine warmed the air just enough for people to step outside for pictures, sip of champagne and to say congratulations. The three of us stepped away from the crown for a short while to create a few images that would give them something special to look back on, and I’m pleased to say I think I got it just right.

Back inside, a serving of fish and chips ended, and gave way to heartfelt words from both their mothers and themselves. Gingerbread men were there to be decorated in whatever style guests chose (which let to a few interesting artistic interpretations), and the evening presented itself with pops and bangs in celebration of Guy Fawkes night. Dancing commenced after a magnificent cake was cut and a party started to see the day end lively and colourfully.

I’ll have another one of these anytime!

  • Bloody love these Ben, top work dude.

    • admin

      Cheers Matt

  • Chris Bryan

    Lovely write-up Ben. 4 months on and we still keep going back to the photos to try and pick our favourites but you made it too difficult.

    • admin

      Good to hear Chris. Sorry it’s taken so long to get around to posting this! 2015 was crazy!!

  • Great images Ben. Love the emotion in them. Nice venue and location too. Congratulations guys.

    • admin

      Thanks Mark, always trying

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