Kirsten & Tim

Hartington Hall Wedding Photography

Hartington Hall Wedding Photographer

“They are everything we hoped for and more, and we have loved going through them and remembering our special day. We won’t hesitate in recommending you to friends who may get hitched in the future. All the very best and thank you so much again. x”

Recommendations come in all different ways but when you get a recommendation from a couple that couldn’t book you because you were already busy is flattering indeed. When they go on and refer you to two other couples that subsequently book then thats pretty special, so before I go any further big thanks to ‘Ness’ & ‘Muggs’ for this wedding and another two for 2018.

The start of this year has seen a couple of changes in how I’m shooting, whilst you probably won’t notice any great difference in the look of the images you probably will see more ‘moments’. I’m more responsive to situations than previously, and that means my capacity to capture the laughter, the tenderness, and sheer joy in a wedding has got better; and this wedding has all of that in abundance.

So off to Hartington Hall early one sunny Saturday in April. From the minute I rocked up I felt warmth and love, this was going to be a great day. Put simply these guys knew how to make a party, and despite not having a DJ or band for the evening this gig was buzzing. It also has to be the tightest wedding I’ve done, with around 100 people in the reception room for the ceremony I literally had to stand in the fireplace to get pictures. The Kirstens Dan, Tim and bast man Dave smashed the speeches, and even though guests were split into two different spaces they were roaring. The sun stayed out all day for some killer sunset pictures, and a clear night sky meant for that little bit awesome at the start of this post. Hats off to them for getting this, I actually went out and found a quiet spot of road to do this epic night shot, then went back for Tim and Kirsten,  and dragged them up what then turned out to be the busiest Road in Derbyshire, they seriously must think I’m a total crackpot!

Right, thats enough, I’ll step aside. Scroll on people! x

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