Kelly & Dave

A Lower Damgate Farm Wedding

“They are all wonderful….. It was a pleasure sharing the day with you… The pictures and the slideshow are amazing…”

I met Kelly in 2013 at her brothers wedding, so I was delighted to get an email from her asking for availability. I just knew it was going to be ace, way before any meeting or discussion. I also knew it wouldn’t be a country house or a regular registry office wedding in town. Kelly, much like her brother, is into the outdoors, and so is her husband Dave.

Lower Damgate Farm is a little bit like the venue in my last post with Sally and Ian. It’s a big self catering venue with some fields and a few goats, all kept and fed well by Carolyn. Best of all though it has a barn/farm shed that’s been beautifully converted into a venue for hosting parties. Said shed is fully decked with more fairy lights than you’re likely to see at a garden center (and I do love fairy lights). With no more than about 5 weddings a year being hosted at this remote venue, I guess I’ll be lucky to go back there, but if the opportunity comes I’ll be on it like a goat to a bride with a bowl of food (that will make sense below..)!!

It’s great to be amongst a group of people that you’re already quite familiar with but especially nice to see Alexander and Dean again (Kelly’s brother and sister in law). I count 2013 as the year that I first truly became a wedding photographer, and Alexander and Dean were at the very forefront of where I am now. They’re a couple that I very thankful to. They trusted me to capture one of the most important days in their lives. So too did Kelly and Dave, and what a day it was!

A Lower Damgate Farm Wedding, for bale tossing, balancing and wild windy fun in Derbyshire…

About Lower Damgate Farm

In terms of farm weddings, this is one of my favourite venues to photograph.

Farm wedding photography poses its own challenges as well as opportunities, and there’s plenty of great photo opportunities on offer at Lower Damgate Farm.

From the beautiful converted barn to the 20 acres of land you get to host your wedding, the possibilities for memorable photos is endless.

Lower Damgate Farm only hosts a handful of farm weddings a year, so if you’re lucky enough to have booked one or are having a farm wedding at a different location get in touch with me today.

I’d love to help capture your special moment. Get in touch now