Kelly & Dave

A Lower Damgate Farm Wedding

“They are all wonderful….. It was a pleasure sharing the day with you… The pictures and the slideshow are amazing…”

I met Kelly in 2013 at her brothers wedding, so I was delighted to get an email from her asking for availability. I just knew it was going to be ace, way before any meeting or discussion. I also knew it wouldn’t be a country house or a regular registry office wedding in town. Kelly, much like her brother, is into the outdoors, and so is her husband Dave.

Lower Damgate Farm is a little bit like the venue in my last post with Sally and Ian. It’s a big self catering venue with some fields and a few goats, all kept and fed well by Carolyn. Best of all though it has a barn/farm shed that’s been beautifully converted into a venue for hosting parties. Said shed is fully decked with more fairy lights than you’re likely to see at a garden center (and I do love fairy lights). With no more than about 5 weddings a year being hosted at this remote venue, I guess I’ll be lucky to go back there, but if the opportunity comes I’ll be on it like a goat to a bride with a bowl of food (that will make sense below..)!!

It’s great to be amongst a group of people that you’re already quite familiar with but especially nice to see Alexander and Dean again (Kelly’s brother and sister in law). I count 2013 as the year that I first truly became a wedding photographer, and Alexander and Dean were at the very forefront of where I am now. They’re a couple that I very thankful to. They trusted me to capture one of the most important days in their lives. So too did Kelly and Dave, and what a day it was!

A Lower Damgate Farm Wedding, for bale tossing, balancing and wild windy fun in Derbyshire…


  • awesome work mate, looked like a really cool and fun wedding, the mug shot made me chuckle and can see why you won an award for the top pic too – great shot!

    • admin

      Hey Gareth, thanks for the nod mate. Cheers.

  • Luke Hayden

    Great work. You have a fantastic eye.

    • admin

      Thanks Luke!

  • Stunning work buddy – some really great captures here! Love that bride / veil shot!

    • admin

      Cheers John!

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