Luttrellstown Castle Wedding Photographer

Luttrellstown Castle Wedding Photographer Dearbhla & Majid

Luttrellstown Castle Wedding Photographer

Once in a while it’s nice to escape England and go on a little adventure! For this one I got to hang out with some of the nicest people I could ever work for, and that includes not just Dearbhla and Majid but their parents, brothers and sisters, best man and all their friends. I honestly cannot think of a wedding where I’ve felt so welcome. I have a minor special thanks to best Man Chris who gave me the most delicious sandwich that he’d bought on the wedding morning. With nothing but crazy early flight options from East Midlands to Dublin it made little sense to stay in any hotel before heading home after the wedding so in my usual way I devoted myself to not just staying after the first dance but really staying the course until well past midnight.


“Hi Ben

Hope you’re well . Just got to Dublin and seen all the photos. Really we cant thank you enough for everything you have done for us. You made us and family both very happy with your amazing photos and creating lasting memories for us both.

Cheers buddy Maj & Derv”

Since I’d travelled in the day ahead of the wedding (there’s no way I’d risk a flight delay by going the morning of the wedding not least that I want to feel fresh on the day) I met up with most of the family for the rehearsal. I also chauffeured Majid, with his best man and wife down to Dublin for a few drinks with friends before the main event – better than hanging out at a hotel on my own! When it came to the main event I drove to Dearblhas parents house and spent the morning with a relaxed and caring family. Her dress was resplendent hanging in the window and begged for a picture with even so much as tweak, and in my usual way I started there in order to let everyone settle into my actions with the camera. Dearbhla quietly sat in preparation while everyone else fluttered around and I enjoyed the sound of soft Irish voices chattering around me. One of my favourite ever bridal preparations was in the mirrors as Dearbhla sat being attended to

I arrived at Luttrellstown Castle to find Majid happy in the company of Chris, and with plenty of boyish banter the two of them finished getting ready. Guests started to assemble in the grand reception space that was to be the ceremony and an excitable groom waited for his very beautiful Irish bride. Looking for something to define the arrival of Dearbhla I caught what for some might be cliche but a highly worthy picture of her stepping out of the car and dashed inside to see catch the entry. I dont actually recall anything dramatic during the flurry of activity in this part but when I came to edit the final set of pictures one of my absolute stand out pictures has to be Majid expression – full of nerves, apprehension, excitement it’s wonderful. What followed was a stunningly crafted ceremony that respected both catholic and Muslim values. I delighted in its meaningfulness whilst maintaining legal requirements, something we’re not so often blessed with at civil weddings in England.

Post ceremony drinks, a few obligatory group pictures and a short burst of portraits of just Dearbhla and Majid, and after a rousing entrance the wedding breakfast closed with glowing speeches. My favourite is the moment when Dearbhla stands at the end of Marjids speech with his declaration of love. I can almost feel his long arms gently squeeze the elegant frame of his new wife. As a group myself, Daniel from Tall Tails, Dearblha and Majid snatch 10 minutes of golden hour portrait light, in the magical setting of the bridge that spans the water on the drive to the Castle entrance.

In the evening the crown gathered about the cake and cheered it’s cutting, the band played whilst the newlyweds swayed, people danced and I mingled amongst it all clicking and chatting as I enjoyed the amusing sights of people as they drop their guard with a little lubrication in true Irish fashion!

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