stanbrook abbey wedding photography

Chloe & Clive at Stanbook Abbey in Worcestershire

Stanbrook Abbey Wedding Photography with Chloe & Clive

Cultural weddings are always a notch up on the excitement scale for me. Ive done my fair share of Muslim, Sikh, Hindu Chinese and Bengali celebrations but then along comes a Vietnamese one that just adds another twist on the eclectic mix that is wedding photography. Most weddings have an incredible amount of detail in them, table favours, flowers, button holes, cake, champagne, balloons, chair covers and ribbons, suits, ties, brides dress, bridesmaids dresses, etc etc… However; put simply I have never before witnessed a labour of love so significant as to the amount of time and effort that Chloe embellished on this amazing day. I’m talking almost everything being handmade; as follows (Chloe please forgive me if I missed things!)…. Hand dried confetti, the bags to put the confetti in, a table plan consisting of miniature paper aeroplanes, champagne cork place names, wedding breakfast menus,  and nearly 1000 individually hand folded paper kranes.

“Every picture is astonishingly perfect…. Ben, I can’t thank you enough for capturing the chaos of our day so beautifully!”

Stanbrook Abbey is a big venue so when I first got an email from Clive telling me that they expected up to 180 people to join them I wasn’t surprised. Not that big numbers scare me, far from it in fact, I actually prefer big weddings. The bigger they are the harder they party, and this one is without exception. An epic day for an awesome couple with amazing families and outstanding friends.

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