Katy & Nick

Katy & Nick at Tissington Hall in Derbyshire

Tissington Hall Wedding Photography with Katy & Nick


Strangely enough I have another wedding booked for Tissington Hall on the exact same Saturday in July for 2019, and if it’s anything like Katy and Nick’s gig from July 2018 then I’m counting down every one of those 364 days!

“Wow! We absolutely love them. Thank you so much!!”

I’ve seen plenty of first dances in my time. Most it has to be said are a relatively pleasant affair, two people shuffle somewhat awkwardly in a state of embarrassment for about 60 seconds until they can stand it no longer and invite everyone to join them. There are however the occasional few that truly embrace it, and put on a show. Some of the most one of the most memorable was a Maouri style ‘Haka’ that certainly had everyone howling. As we can clearly see here though Katy and Nick had other ideas. This truly was an awesome wedding for a photographer, to start with there are two fantastically good looking humans – Katy and Nick. Then there’s the involvement of one of the best wedding hair stylists I’ve ever met James White, who not only turns out amazing work but keeps the room well and truly alive with fun and laughter. Then there’s this awesome venue not far from Ashbourne with its beautiful gardens (that’s Tissington Hall in case you hadn’t already sussed it, although some people like to call it Tossington – personal joke there for Katy). Not forgetting a few other brilliant people that rocked up, an epic dress, and lastly another amazing hot day with a cracking sunset in the astonishing summer that has been 2018.

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