Laura & Jason

Wedding Photography at East Lodge

Langar Hall Wedding Photography

“Needless to say we absolutely love the pictures 🙂 thank you so much. We have looked through them loads and they keep getting better”

Recently I have been considering a new career in building Arks. It really has been absolutely atrocious weather through the last few weeks. Despite this however, it seems I’ve only been stuck with the rough stuff for two weddings in November, where it just didn’t want to give me any chance of doing anything outside (rain is one thing, but when it comes sideways at about 30 mph, even the most plucky bride isn’t going to be too chuffed at being outside). December landed, and with three weddings done I decided to give you a glimpse of East Lodge bathed in glorious winter sunshine, featuring the rather pretty Laura and her charming new Husband Jason.

Laura and I had discussions about getting some great pictures with the two of them outside, and was prepared with wellies and umbrellas in advance. Of course the rains stopped, and it was almost like stepping out in spring, proof that not all winter weddings have to be cooped up indoors.

Maybe the brolly’s stayed closed but the wellies did get a little light use. Heading back inside afterwards, to some well delivered speeches and a pretty excellent evening of dancing, drinking and cavorting with fine friends and close family.

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