Yurt Wedding Photography

Yurt Wedding Photography in Hampshire with Liz & Hugh

Yurt Wedding Photography with Liz & Hugh

As far as weddings go they don’t get much more whimsical and boho than this one with Liz and Hugh. A fabulous warm summers day in late July in the perfect setting (that for me being a wedding in your parents backyard). The reason I love wedding’s like this so much is because they are entirely personal. Family and friends have all mucked in and whilst they may be packed full of lovely details (and this one is full of loving personal touches), they are ultimately focused on bringing a wonderful set of people together.


Thank you so much – we absolutely love the photos and have been sharing the slideshow left right and centre! 


This was a wedding that came off the back of a gem I did in 2018, and it was a real treat to see so many familiar faces again, and best of all a wedding that oozed personal touches… Welly wangling, ping pong, a game which I’ve not seen before involving two golf balls connected by string (they didn’t quite break a sony a9 camera!), a small tribe of goats’ a few horses, ribbons, beautiful flowers, hundreds of paper kranes, and a stunning couple of yurt style marquees to house it all. An incredibly memorable day was had, and some of the highlights were Liz traveling to and from church side saddle on a quad bike, some fantastic mid afternoon entertainment from a fabulous mariachi band, the most delicious curry served on massive sharing platters, and some rather embarrassing speech revelations about Liz and Hugh’s propensity towards naturism. Enough said for now. It’s time you got scrolling!

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