Stubton Hall August 2013

Stubton Hall is possibly one of the nicest venues I’ve had the pleasure of working at, but before I get to that let me just say that as far as fairy tale weddings go, you wont do far wrong if you have the reverend Robert Harris to conduct your service. Three times before our paths have crossed and in every instance I can recall it vividly. The first time (I wont give away names here) the bride was around 20 minutes late and they had a Tipi Marquee, the second occasion was with Derby County Goal Keeper Darren Bywater and his wife Zoe and their amazing reception at Zoe’s parents house and Zoe being dramatically swept away at the end of their first dance to Nina Simone. When we met again we reminisced on these and the third occasion where our service started some 30 plus minutes late on account of bridesmaids not being ready (again I’ll not mention names!) and what could be described as one of the wettest days in June. There is much to be said for a traditional church wedding, even though I’m not religious. A church can certainly add to the occasion but venue is one thing; what really makes it is the person who delivers the service. Reverend Harris is a great orator, he adds personality and fun to the occasion and without taking away from the importance of the ceremony, makes it a little fun and like few others, really engages the congregation. The picture below was taken just he was announcing the end of service and about to send the newly married Mr and Mrs Banton on their way. What pleases me about the image is the way he appears; ‘cross like’ very ecclesiastic as if to stand as Jesus and protect the newly weds as they embark on their new life together.

Getting back to Stubton Hall, despite fighting traffic through Newark to get there, I arrived on its sweeping gravel driveway to find a quiet and secluded setting for its grand presence. With large windows in all the period rooms there is natural light in plentiful supply so when the heavens opened with a proper thunderstorm (check out the picture of Darryl in his car on the gallery), it was easy enough to do a few family groups inside despite the many guests wondering around. People dined in the superb Orangery looking out over the neatly manicured landscaping and later the early evening sun dried the grounds. With the sun starting to slide below the horizon I took Julia and Darryl out for a few pictures of the two of them around the grounds. What’s great about a venue like this is its flexibility so that you don’t have to go to great lengths to find a nice angle for a pictorial background. This is real blessing to me as I don’t like to go over the top with couples with pictures of them, unless they particularly want, my belief being that they should after all be able to enjoy their wedding day and not be dragged around on a photo shoot; there’s a balance.

So if you’re reading this because you found me by searching for ‘Stubton Hall Wedding Photography’ (that’s blatant SEO) then hopefully you’ll commission me to go there again!

Stubton Hall Wedding

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