Tipis, Weddings and Alternative Venues

Late last year I had a flood of enquiries and subsequent bookings for couples looking for me to photograph their weddings in 2014. What has been apparent is the number of slightly alternative weddings that I’m going to be part of. No less than four of them are having Tipi style marquees. Two of them won’t even technically be weddings as they will already be married and the even ing is simply a celebration for family and friends.

I met with a couple for the first time on Saturday called Adam and Jenny (apart from a short telephone conversation to arrange our meeting on Saturday all booking details were sorted by email). They are planning a summer festival style wedding with transport supplied by a 60s Mustang, a Tipi, hog roast and all based on a farm near Tissington in Derbyshire. What strikes me is how far removed it is from weddings in country houses. Whilst there is nothing wrong with a traditional wedding it has to be said that there is little that changes in their formula. Stepping out of the safety net of a warm building with a built in catering facility, bedrooms on hand and running hot water is a brave move for some when it comes to a short holiday but weddings can’t be swapped or without fear of massive embarrassment abandoned.

Jenny and Adam are having outdoor games like giant Jenga, a coconut shy and many more fun activities to keep friends and family entertained. However, what’s important about all of this is why I met with them. Firstly I get to know where I’m going, panicking whilst trying to find a venue on a wedding day is not great and whilst I don’t anticipate any parking problems on a farm, there are venues where this can lead to a major problem especially when you have to work to an agenda. It is also a massive help when considering where light will come from, planning with the couple means being able to consider how the days schedule will work. The afore mentioned couple are having a tipi weddings are unlike a regular marquee they absolutely consume light so discussions about additional fairy lights and battery powered candle style lights all come into conversation to help keep a mood without struggling too much and using lots of flash that spoils the warmth of what they are trying to create.

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