Top 2016 Wedding Photographer

Ok, I’m probably the last photographer in the UK to post their best of 2015 collection. My excuse? I’ve been busy!!!!

Hit play on the video or alternatively take your time and scroll on down…

In the 12 months of 2014, I thought I had moved quantum photographic leaps, but looking back a year that work is now only just recognisable to me. When I began to compile this collection of photos I felt I was looking at the work of another photographer. I have pushed myself more in every way yet again and the pride in what I produce grows with every wonderful thank you letter, every Facebook like and every referral (especially from other photographers).

The business of wedding photography is the most competitive of photographic fields, and in order to do well you truly have to excel at every wedding without fail. Four years ago I was a somewhat average photographer shooting a few weddings, some commercial work and a handful of portrait shoots a year… . What’s changed is a more positive outlook, investment in training and equipment, and enthusiastic friendships with other great photographers that continue to support a true love for what I do.

A year ago, I spent another considerable sum of money on yet more equipment, an amazing two day training investment with Nine Dots and I have a thirst for great images like never before. Roll on 2016….! I can’t wait…

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