This year there were several new words added to the dictionary amongst them was “selfie” which I’m sure you’ll know roughly means a self portrait taken on a phone. As yet I’m unaware of the word “Wedditing” being officially included in the dictionary, but follow any other wedding photographers Twitter feed and you’ll regularly see it’s use. Put simply it’s short for editing wedding pictures.

As good as I like to think I am as a photographer, nearly every shot that I pass to my clients gets a little affectionate tweak here and there. You’ll find that with almost every professional photographer. Particular to weddings where in venues like church where it would be distracting tho use flash during the service you have to work with the available light and that doesn’t always provide good colours or even lighting. As such the mix of sodium, fluorescent, daylight and stained glass colours give rise to all sorts of off colours that even the best cameras will struggle to interpret. Only the human eye can truly decide what looks pleasing.

Whilst I provide a set of JPEG files to clients, as with so many other professional wedding photographers I shoot in RAW files which are processed into JPEGS after adjustments like exposure, contrast and colour balance. This is all done in professional image processing software. Personally I’ve just recently gone back to using Phase One’s Capture One Pro. There are a number of other options but to me very little else compares to the quality and clarity that Capture One can provide. Typically after a days photography at a wedding I’ll spend another day just simply perfecting colours and exposure on each image that goes to the client not to mention duplicating the occasional image into black and white. It’s a good answer to anyone that wants justification to my prices as a professional. You’re not getting me just for a day, but several days of pre wedding planning, consultation, and shooting time but all the bits that come afterwards as well; dedication, devotion, care and love.

Phase One Capture One Pro

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