Brinsop Court Wedding Photography

Brinsop Court Wedding Photography with Rachel & Davin


Brinsop Court Wedding Photography with Rachel & Davin

One thing I love about my job as a Wedding Photographer more than anything else is its huge variety. One wedding (like my last one) could be a really boho styled slightly whimsical summer’s day collection of pretty and the next could be a venue that is steeped in history complete with a moat and gorgeous courtyard. Nestled in the the valleys of Herefordshire Brinsop Court is a quintessentially medieval english setting akin to a fairytale, indeed so much so that even the legendary story of George and the Dragon was established at the nearby church of St George just a little downstream of the tributary to the great River Wye. It’s fair to say that if anyone wants to take me back I’ll be more than happy! Not least if it involves another rather stunning pair like Rachel & Davin. Since I was driving down it was no trouble to arrive a few hours early and be around a little for the evening  as a little warm up and do a mini pre shoot the day before.

“Thank you so much for your amazing work on our photos – we absolutely love them.

I was going to say I cannot believe how incredibly well they have come out (but then I can believe it because that’s why we choose you!). I am also so excited to see the final pictures in hitched to show off your amazing work. The composite shot is absolutely ridiculous – cannot believe how well these came out – you are so talented.”

With the Grooms crowd all styled in suits from Suit Supply and Rachel wearing a gorgeous wedding dress from Suzanne Neville this celebration was all kinds of pretty. In addition to an awesome setting Rachel & Davin treated their guests to a stunning traditional wedding breakfast, but also a few cultural twists from Davin’s Gujarati background. As afternoon went to evening it was time for a re style and the saris to come out. Crossing the bridge on the other side of the moat was The Indian Lunchbox for some doing an array of eastern inspired food to keep everyone warm on what was a cold and rainy night in late November. A choice of cocktails at the bar and some all too familiar classics as well as a few bangra tracks for the sounds made for a well and truly chilled out vibe that was a pleasure from start to end.

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