When the virus came – a photo diary 03.04.2020


Similarly to yesterday I’ve been working so I’ve a little less to tell. Suffice to say I still had interactions with Helen and Rupert with the dogs. The relationship between Rupert and Barney goes from strength to strength and it really is a charm to see. We took a walk out to Allestree Park at about 4pm and due to great deal of agonising from Rupert we didn’t make it back for nearly two hours but, sorry if that breaks guidelines but it wasn’t intentional. At one point on our hike Rupert took Holly on the lead, further developing another relationship. We’d found an uprooted tree with tangly roots that looked like Medusa’s snake filled head. I tried to make an interesting picture with it but patience was thin. Home for Roast Chicken and bed, but a special highlight was our neighbour passed over a share of Shining Rocky Pale from a local brewery, a refreshingly light beer with an easy finish. Tim if you’re reading this then cheers!

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