When the virus came – a photo diary 05.04.2020


As far as Sundays go I suppose this one was as good as it could have been in the current state of things. We sort of stumbled through the afternoon without any great plan. I had a marathon shopping expedition this morning, all in the idea of going less so buying more in one great big shop. I’d like to think it was successful. The fact that I loaded the conveyer belt and then had to go to the other end to start packing on two occasions before I could empty the trolley may give you a clue! The two hour thirty minute expedition totally wore me out.

We’d been looking at the forecast for the past few days and anticipated a barmy evening. In readiness I’d checked the garage to confirm we had still got some BBQ options. At one point I decided it wasn’t warm enough and that we should just save it for later when it was better suited but Rupert yelled his protestations and that settled the argument to light the charcoal. It might have been a little cool for it but Rupert does love seeing the flames and just keeping him busy outside for another 30-40 minutes is a worthwhile distraction. Settling down to my one luxury concession to an otherwise planned and frugal shop was two cuts of sirloin. Rupert decided to take a shine to it. It’s good to see him try new foods but a little worrying that he’s developing expensive tastes!

I’m guilty of not doing any pictures yesterday. Not so much through laziness but just lack of inspiration. Grey flat lighting, new new scenery, no real dynamic amazing moment. Maybe tomorrow will be different, but there was at least something today.

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