When the virus came – a photo diary 08.04.2020


Well it truly has been a cracker of a day! In fact I’m going to add a pun and say it was splashing!!!

Rupert hit the iPad first thing for some more reading games, and right after that we went into Rocket engineering. I’d like to say that the rocket was a huge success – but I can’t. Regardless of some impressive styling it stalled on the wash line and even with furniture polish didn’t achieve any great speed. Nonetheless Rupert seemed happy with my endeavours, and unperturbed I attempted a teddy bear glider made from coat hangers and a bin liner, it was even less successful but we both laughed at its failings. It was mid afternoon when Rupert and I noticed next door had inflated their paddling pool and without further ado we were on it. There is almost no better a pictorial combination than sunshine and water, and a good hour of wet fun ensued.

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