When the virus came – a photo diary 07.04.2020


Today feels like it’s been exhausting but highly satisfying. After yesterday feeling like a rather flat and largely unsuccessful one in regard to home schooling I made a concerted effort to try a couple of education applications on my iPad ‘Teach Your Monster To Read’ worked wonders and had Rupert hooked for nearly an hour. Helen suggested making a house for his beloved Jiffy Jaff so that occupied an or hour before lunch.

In addition we’ve had trampoline sessions, a stint on his balance bike and a short walk out with the dogs at dusk that has made it feel like a great day. I only recall one tantrum from Rupert which was with Helen (normally I feel they’re reserved primarily for me) and it’s been an enjoyable day in his company. In fact if anything we’ve bonded closer with my rescuing him from crashing into the gate at the end of the drive whilst bike riding.

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