When the virus came – a photo diary 24.03.2020


As mentioned in the last post we made some efforts to put a prehistoric spin on the day. Some of it worked a little. 10 little dinosaurs standing on a wall was just about worth the effort to try an keep his numeracy working a little. The Disney + digital channel went live today and there are a few palaeontology themed programs for the amusement of the younger though I think ‘Bizzar Dinos’ was a little bit of a stretch for Rupert at 5 and 1/2 (it’s age guidance is 6+).

For the second morning running we watched the live U Tube broadcast from Joe Wicks. I say watched, I tried to participate, I also tried to get Rupert to join in but for the first quarter he struggled to find motivation until I lay down to do ab crunches. At this point Rupert sat on my tummy and started bouncing up and down (something he’s done since about the age of two). It was fun but he comes down hard and he’s getting heavy now! After my attempt at ab crunches it’s time to get up for another exercise and on that occasion Rupert though it funny to ‘de’pants’ me. This then led to a charge around the lounge before me being left fully exposed at the bifold door for Helen’s amusement as she endeavoured with her efforts in the greenhouse.

I hadn’t considered our trip on the bike yesterday to be in any way contravening the guidelines on social distancing. But apart from a 20 minute stroll around our local neighbourhood looking for other rainbows, we spent the entire day at home. So far we’ve managed not to have a melt down, although with several sessions on the trampoline, the Joe Wicks workout’s, yesterdays ride and various other activities I haven’t felt much need of any more exercise. So incredibly thankful of the good weather, I can’t imagine what this would have been like in the middle of January with the continuous rain and floods. I’m guessing there will be plenty more fun involving water during the forthcoming days!

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