When the virus came – a photo diary 25.03.2020


I dared it to happen. Rupert loves playing with water and there was plenty involved today! After a somewhat lazy start today and the fact that Rupert seemed so unenthusiastic for the Joe Wicks workout we gave it a miss. A bit of a shaky beginning with a typical spat, this one about me not putting the TV on or something I can’t quite remember but Rupert took himself off to his room and shut me out. After a few minutes I heard some happy chatter and checked that he hadn’t disturbed Mummy as she was due for a highly stressful day in light of the current climate. To my great surprise and huge delight he’d elected to pick up ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ and was busy counting apples and oranges.

Once breakfast was dispatched there was a mention from Helen’s dad about cleaning my car. We jumped on that like an excitable 5 year old with a bucket of soapy water and a sponge… Instead of getting a soaking I advised Helen’s dad – Eddie – to perhaps enjoy some solitude and contemplate the morning news from the safety of the lounge. Needless to say Rupert couldn’t have been happier. Shampoo was nearly done and his attention wavering so the promise of the hose pipe cranked up the fun and kept him on side. There’s been a few times now when the little Sony camera has come close to a dousing. I’ve never quite let it get too extreme but it’s small enough to screen with my left hand if needed.

We had a FaceTime call with his best friend Jacob from school. Rupert showed off in his usual exuberant style, demonstrating his slide, trampoline and tent in the garden. Elsewhere with human contact we chatted to our neighbour’s over the garden wall for a while (something that is quite common with the better weather). Next door we have Tim, Laura, Rueben and little baby Milo. It reminded me how tactile I am as a person. I honestly cannot wait for this whole saga to end as I miss the shear joy and emotional warmth of a hug.

Having skipped the morning workout routine I suggested another bike ride and this time encouraged Eddie to join us. Once again the Rocket launcher came with us but in addition Rupert picked up a bottle of bubble fluid. It took about a minute for Rupert to come up with the idea of pouring the fluid into the launcher. Obviously I took great delight in the great pictures it made and I can still hear his demonic cackling laughter echoing in my head. I huffed and puffed my way up a steep hill with Eddie breezing up the rear on an electric hybrid bike, and nearing the top we came across one of Rupert’s schoolmates, had a little chat while maintaining some distance and then whizzed downwards to head home.

Using something called Class Dojo I sat down at the iPad with Rupert to watch his teacher give a short video commentating on the many rainbow efforts. She described his as being abstract, I may have detected a hint of sarcasm in her voice! This little bit of inspiration set us off on a very enjoyable 30-40 minutes of painting. And whilst he may not be due for a Turner Prize I’m proud of what we achieved.

It’s back to Mummy care for most of tomorrow, I’ve a heap of admin to do but I’ll still try and engage the camera hear and there.

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