When the virus came – a photo diary 01.04.2020


I mentioned that I’d tried getting Rupert peddling by using his pedal kart. Well today we had another go and this time I took the camera. It was a bit of a juggling act going down hill holding an electric cable (in place of any rope as I couldn’t find any in the garage), but I’m reasonably happy that got something that gives a sense of speed – all 8mph of it! In all I think we spent 20 minutes rumbling around the housing estate shrieking and howling. On route we dropped some eggs at our old neighbours, and came upon an old friend of my parents. Had a bit of chat while yet another window was cleaned, something I did myself sometime last week. I’ve seen more car washing, window cleaning and garden weeding in the last few days than in a whole year!

Since building a lego kit yesterday Rupert had spotted another same kit and wanted to construct that one too but this time he was more content to let me just build it for him and play with afterwards.

Eddie made a start on digging over the vegetable area of the garden ready for planting when the time comes, and this inspired Rupert and I to join in until there appeared to me more soil on the patio than the raised bed.

Helen coaxed Rupert into the Kitchen for a while and made a rather tasty chocolate shortbread, he maintained a remarkable amount of patience and saw it through to the point of going into the oven.


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