When the virus came – a photo diary 26.03.2020



I’ve not left the house today at all. I can honestly say I feel for anyone that’s in a flat or house without a garden. Eddie was the only one who did and took our dogs Holly and Barney for a walk and reported a heavy police presence around Darley Park. I can only speculate they’ve been ushering people off the park or stopping congregations.

While the weather is still warm it’s been a case of enjoy it while we can. So apart from Rupert playing with 55 Hotwheels cars (he counted them all with me), some Bottle top artwork (more rainbow making) with Mummy and a bit of TV it’s mostly been an outside day again. Included in garden play was a one of the twirling wands that Helen got from amazon a few days back, it entertained him for quite a while. It’s not just us humans that enjoy the feeling of warm sunshine, both Holly and Barney are keen sun bathers. In the five years we’ve managed to bring up Rupert there has been a gradual respect for space between him and Holly. This is heartening to see as when he was first introduced to her it would have put the fear of the great almighty into anyone. She has always been a difficult dog to manage having had her from rescue, and whilst we had our doubts to begin with she brings me much joy with a certain comedy value. I’m pleased, because he now has a respect and love for dogs. With Barney it’s much better for Rupert, they both clearly love one another, and whilst Rupert is always cautious he frequently fusses him.

This morning we resumed the workout with Joe Wicks, much the same thing happened as before, but this time I surprised myself in how many pushups I can do with a five year old on my back. It’s 23.07 now and I can feel my neck and shoulders aching! Helen promised she’d join me this evening to re play it and have a go without the interuptions, but work has once again thwarted activities.

Tonight we watched some news again and got a little more worried about what the world might be like moving forward. I shared my frustrations with friends about financial concerns. We ate sausage beens and mash, and last thing whilst writing this I’ve chased it all away with a single malt. Because I was in the bath with Rupert at 8pm and could go out on the street I sent a text message with a virtual hand clap to a Nurse I know. And now as I draw to a close I reflect on the fact that whilst we will all suffer, there will be others who’s will be far far worse off, and my thoughts are with them.

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