When the virus came – a photo diary 27.03.2020


I got a little tired today. The change in weather had brought chill in the air and led to more indoor time. It was a relatively uneventful day. I stayed in mostly. Helen took Rupert for a walk out to the chemist, while I attempted to re write multiple contracts for clients that have had to postpone to new dates. I find it hard to continue working with the background chatter of Rupert and Helen. When I say chatter I actually mean bicker… It’s when things become a little more challenging that I find myself stressing about the situation. It’s not that Helen can’t cope but that I know how difficult he can sometimes be and I feel myself becoming uneasy.

Despite not spending too much time in their company during the daytime Helen to her great credit had managed to do a considerable amount of seed sowing in the greenhouse. This is a side to her that I truly admire, one that she’s inherited from her mother who we lost too early last September, so it’s heartening to see her keep that going. Whilst I don’t like seeing the un zen like appearance of the home allotment I do appreciate what it can do for us as a family. Rupert’s interest today was to be described as minimal.

A further rainbow was created, this time using bottle tops, previously sourced from the recycle/reclaim centre in Derby and stuck down using a hot glue gun. I gave Helen some time away from childcare late afternoon and burned off a little of Rupert’s restless energy on the trampoline and a short excursion on the bike.

As Rupert reclined in front of Tinkerbel on Disney + I had a FaceTime call with my friend Dennis. We have occasional Friday evenings out sharing our love of food and a good whiskey. We chatted about all things corona and how it’s affecting us. We often drift between lighthearted home truths about our children and partners, and sometimes more deep conversations occur about all things life. Todays certainly could be thought to end a little less lighthearted. Up to now I’ve found a certain phrase to be  somewhat cliche, but as I said goodbye I ended the conversation with “stay safe”.

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