When the virus came – a photo diary 28.03.2020


I made my first trip out by car today. Just a small shop at the local co-op to get a few essentials. The store wasn’t busy as I’d gone early, but I’m sure many of you will have now also experienced the unnerving sense of foreboding getting closer to people than we would have done just over a week ago. Before setting off I setup the car audio and selected The Rolling Stones, Gimme Shelter came on a I felt my mood shift to a darker place as I drove through near deserted roads. It feels like I’m in a film.

Day 2 of horticulture has been a great success and Rupert showed much more interest. He keenly assisted in selecting a number of vegetables and herbs to grow and helped set them in compost. Here’s hoping that we can continue the interest up to the point of consumption.

After a good bit of greenhouse time Helen, Rupert and I together with Holly and Barney made our way to one of our local parks. Rupert persuaded us to go slightly off track and we ended  in a wooded area having a mini adventure. I think I can count on one hand the number of times that Helen has used my camera and at least one good frame emerged of me and Rupert, a rare treat and definitely worthy of making the blog! As we skirted the edge of the Lake we came across some Ducks and found the experience quite saddening as they haven’t been getting their bountiful feasts from so many passing children. The colder weather it seems really had quieted the flurry of activity over recent days and the park was near deserted. Climbing the hill towards home made Helen and I consider the many business that were inevitably suffering; the glamorous private cosmetic dental practice, coffee and gift shop and two hair salons, all not able to trade. Nearing home we passed under a cherry tree, resplendent with blossom, proof that even though today was a cold one, warmer weather is not so far away.

Once again Helen’s great powers of persuasion resulted in some home learning in the form of shopkeeper play. I seem to recall hearing some exorbitant figures being asked for a ginger biscuit. After a while though it all became too much and it was time to unwind with some more Tinkerbell.


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