When the virus came – a photo diary 29.03.2020


We kicked off Sunday with me doing a little more work in the office. Helen made use of the slide and a play tunnel to make a little dog agility fun. Rupert was shrieking as Holly descended the slide in a somewhat startled and awkward skid but she was ever for more with the promise of a treat at the end.

A little way into the morning Helen made a full inventory and shopping list, ready for me to hunt and gather. First stop Aldi. I pulled up to see people standing apart behind pieces of tape on the ground, parked the car, donned gloves and a dust mask (Ive heard it said that a mask won’t help but after hearing that our local chemists were adorning them thought it not to be excessive) and then settled into the small queue. Once signalled to move into the store it seemed that whilst most people vaguely tried to follow distance guidelines, with people criss crossing and moving through at differing speeds there were times I could conceivably say a 2 meter distance was not always observed. As expected it wasn’t possible to get everything from Aldi, so I had a small excursion to our local shopping centre Park Farm. Farmfoods had a 20 something at the checkout and I observed him handling cash with the two senior citizens ahead of me. None of them wearing gloves. Oh well. My whole run around took nearly two hours by the time I’d got all that I wanted.

The rest of the day was a little unexciting, Rupert was getting a little frenzied for not having been out so much on account of it being so cold. He started doing some sofa bouncing and I grabbed the camera trying some slow shutter settings to portray the movement

Just before bedtime came I flicked through Facebook on my phone and found Woof Woof TV a page full of amusing dog videos. Inadvertently one of them appeared on our tv through the apple tv system. Rupert howled with laughter as a dog descended some stairs with it’s unmentionables bouncing behind it.

A whole week has passed by. I decided to mark this by getting Rupert to scratch up the days on a piece of paper. Lets wait and see how many we get to.

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