When the virus came – a photo diary 30.03.2020


I think the clocks going forward an hour caught up with us all this morning. Whilst they shifted the day before it being a Sunday and being in rush to get going we just let it go, but today I think we all felt it.

It felt like a pretty uninspiring day picture wise, grey weather outside and nothing to visually stimulating inside. I forgot to mention it but yesterday I tried something new with a cheap plastic pedal kart thats been residing in the garage for quite a while. Rupert’s resistance to use pedals has meant it’s not been much good, but a couple of days earlier I sat him on it and gave him a push down the small slope from the garage to back door. This little bit of motion seems to start the motion he needs to understand what action he needs to input and make it go. In order to get things really going I knotted a piece of electric flex cable on the front and dragged him around the estate with Grampa Eddie trailing at the rear with dogs Holly and Barney.

In order to stimulate writing his teacher Mrs RG had set a task for pupils to write down things that they missed and wanted to do after the distancing measures were lifted. So far we have, Alton Towers Splash Landings, Quercyland (a french outdoor waterpark) and Disney Land. On this basis it’s an expensive way to get him writing. The Rainbow painting has now come to an end and today we started painting the Sun. We tried watercolours and I have to say I found the whole process quite therapeutic even though Rupert obliterated my pirate ship by blobbing a massive pirate on deck.

I unearthed a radio controlled toy that Grampy had bought at Christmas and that made a great distraction while Helen prepared dinner. Barney entertained himself with an old ball. Before I quite realised what was happening Rupert had removed the sprinkler rose from a watering can and proceeded to bash it. This became a grumble from Eddie and prompted the need of a replacement ASAP. There maybe a visit too Wilkos on the next shopping trip.

Post dinner it emerged that ‘Jiffy Jaff’ (Rupert’s most valued stuffed toy and essential bed companion was missing, you can just see it in the left hand side of the picture above). We searched for about 2 hours in total which even included me going around half the estate again in case he’d somehow taken it out with the pedal kart. No Joy and a very tearful boy. Helen has found one remaining replacement on Ebay, it won’t be the same but what else can we do. It’s not just Rupert that’s upset, so much of our lives have revolved around a seemingly simple stuffed Giraffe it’s hard to contemplate the loss.

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