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When the virus came – a photo diary 22.03.2020

22.03.2020   For some considerable time I’ve wanted to create a journal of our son Rupert growing up. The awe inspiring blog of Erika and Lanny Mann with their two children on various global adventures as long been an inspiration […]

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2016 Best Images

No scrolling, no long trawl through a long rolling blog post that makes your finger ache by the time you reach the end! Just a simple button to press, but just before you click on play, make sure that you […]

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Award Winning Wedding Photographer Derbyshire

So I can finally add the term Award Winning Wedding Photographer Derbyshire! I have probably had it in me for long enough but it has taken a little confidence finding, and also I have had to make some time, but I […]

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Top 2016 Wedding Photographer

In the 12 months of 2014, I thought I had moved quantum photographic leaps, but looking back a year that work is now only just recognisable to me. When I began to compile this collection of photos I felt I was looking at […]

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Wedding Photographer of The Year 2016

The last two and a half years for me have mostly been about clearly planting myself into wedding photography, and I now feel properly established. This is the first time I’ve entered into The National Wedding Industry Awards Wedding Photographer […]

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Post Nine Dots

My last post mentioned my compelling drive to be better as a photographer, and in order to achieve this some re-investment has been made in the direction of training. Thanks to a fellow photographer – Sam Docker on my Facebook […]

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Newborn Photography

My partner Helen and I found out that we were having our first child on 31 January (it’s a date that Helen remembered, all I recall is her desperate attempts to gain my attention whilst I was on the phone […]

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My Job as a Wedding Photographer

On Saturday I had the pleasure of photographing Sam and Graham. I’ve had the opportunity of getting to know them really well, and I mean that quite sincerely. We met in Salcombe for a pre wed shoot and during this […]

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A New Logo

After some considerable success with my last web page incarnation I felt it didn’t truly reflect my style. Recently I have invested quite heavily in new equipment to achieve a more contemporary feel to my images. Part of having a […]

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